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More Than a Friend™ is the newest AI driven content creator platform. We used proprietary technology to create this platform. It’s like OnlyFans 2.0, a platform that finally includes all the best things that others are missing.

You asked, we listened.

We asked more than one thousand Top 1% creators and over 300 Onlyfans Agencies - who manage Top earners - for their advice. We listened and used every bit of advice to create the most advanced premium content creator platform.




More Than a Friend™ is created by The Marketing Agency. We are one of California’s biggest marketing agencies, with Corporate, Nonprofit and Government digital marketing clients such as Sephora, Memebox, Target, Adidas and many more.


Our company certainly has the expertise in the branding and marketing fields that is needed in order to make this platform successful. Moreover, The Marketing Agency is one of the major marketing providers for multiple leading OnlyFans agencies, which is not only giving us the marketing insight that there is a need for a better platform, but it is giving us the knowledge to properly create, brand and market the next big thing in the adult industry.


pngegg (1).png

Your Unfair Advantage! What separates us from all the other competitors?


We asked many creators and agency owners about their problems, difficulties with the existing platforms, we also asked them what are they missing, what would they do differently?


This new content creator platform aims to address all of missing functions of the currently existing platforms such as:


  • Agency Access

  • Split Payments between Agency and Creator

  • Faster Payouts (up to 5 mins processing time thanks to proprietary technology)

  • Multiple Account Access

  • Multiple Tiers of Subscriptions

  • Cloud Sync - sync your content from Dropbox or Google Drive

  • AI Message Scripts

  • Extensive Customer Data

  • Emoji Bar with AI learning

  • Fan Labeling in chat View

  • Vault Labeling - never use the same content twice

  • AI optimized pricing and up-sells

  • Fan Notes - Save fans likes, dislikes, birthdate, habits, and todos in the fan info tab.


And many more!



More Than a Friend™ is in the BETA testing phase. We are ready to show something amazing  to the world in less than 3 months. 

We believe in this project so much that we made all the initial investment of close to $300,000 to create this platform. As branding and marketing experts we know that in order to successfully launch a new technology platform in the market, we need at least double the initial investment in order to properly market the product and launch it to the adult market.


This is where you come into the picture! We are looking for investors to help us foot the bills for launching this brand new platform properly.


We are looking for an initial $600,000 “Seed A” investment to fund the first year of operations, marketing and initial promotion of the platform.


We are offering 15% of the shares of the company for an Initial investment of $600,000. Keep in mind, the Platform is solely owned by the Marketing Agency, so feel free to ask us about other buy in options?


More Than a Friend™ is a real existing asset that is ready to launch. We have over 150 Content Creator Agency owners who are interested in partnering with us, agencies that control the Top 1% creators. In an industry where 80% of the revenue is generated by the Top 1-3% influencers. In an industry where over 2 billion dollars was generated on platforms like ours but with the lack of all the aforementioned tools, or proprietary technology to do better, to earn more. 


Imagine what our creator tools can do!

Be a part of the content creator revolution with More Than a Friend™!

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